My goals are your goals. 

  • I have the music
  • Throw back movies/ movie clips/ Music videos and more!
  • I have all the 'new age' and 'old age' sounds you need.
  • Check under 'Music' tab for info and music genres.

This site is developed

more so for entertainers/singers/rappers/film producers e.t.c...That seeks a different kind of collaboration. And also for your enjoyment.

Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B Challenge. Push back date. August 30th 2018!

I will be posting five of the hottest of the hottest... Hip hop instrumentals. Artist who rock with em do your thing... We'll work the paperwork, royalties, etc out. Somebody bout to blow up is my bet! Tracks will be found under 'Music' tab up top... Trap, drill, mumble, whatever u wanna call it... I call it 'all coast' music because it's universal. Any coast can identify and make it their own... And please! Please please!!! Write something positive. We have enough killing fuel music out already. Be the one to make music happy again... Save yo little brothers lives. 

#New 'double' single, or 'Ep' coming soon!

                          Date wil be posted.                            

Music, movies, and more is what i do.

Watch and listen to some of his class works by clicking on 'Media' tab up top.